GE Innovation Challenge + Victorinox Paring Knife?!

The Victorinox 4” paring knife was selected to be a toolkit component for the most recent GE crowdsourcing challenge, as a part of the company’s “Open Innovation Center of Excellence.” ‘Solvers’ who participated were asked to develop innovative inspection technologies for aviation parts inspection – our 4” paring knife was used

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Meat: An Education

For those that missed August’s event at Brooklyn Kitchen we had a lively discussion among the four panelists and Tasting Table moderator, Jamie Feldmar about the State of Meat in NY. While there were many revelatory insights about the nuances and challenges in sustainable farming and meat sourcing that came

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Santoku Knife

What is a Santoku Knife?

What is a Santoku Knife? What makes a Santoku Knife different from a Chef’s Knife?  To review; the word Santoku has Japanese historical significance that means ‘three virtues’.  The ‘three virtues’ a Santoku Knife contains is chopping, dicing, and mincing.  The Santoku Knife is the Japanese Cook’s Knife that combines

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