Designer’s Corner: Inside the Spectra™ 2.0 Collection

spectrasketches“Innovation is in our blood here in Switzerland – since the beginning, we’ve always tried to make things better” says Mr. Elsener, chief executive officer of Victorinox, in an interview from 2010.  This statement still rings true today.  The all-new, Spectra™ 2.0 hardside luggage design has taken the Spectra™ Collection to new heights, with endless packing possibilities and unique travel solutions. We sat down with Senior Travel Gear Product Designer, Jacob Lusson, for an exclusive sneak-peek of this collection, which is set to launch this fall.

1.    What was your inspiration behind the redesign of the collection?

To be honest, the success of Spectra™ was the inspiration. We listened to feedback from customers and retailers and tried to build upon all of the positive aspects and remedy any negative ones.  Automotive, sport and consumer electronic trends also influenced the design.  The new matte finish was a product of that.

 2.    What is your favorite feature of this collection?

My favorite feature is probably the one that will go least noticed by most users: the new casters.  We went through several iterations where we tweaked the durometer of the outer tread material to get it to roll perfectly regardless of what surface the case is on. Little, obsessive stuff like that is what I’m most happy with.

 3.    The Spectra™ 2.0 carry-on is now offered in two styles, one with a Quick-Access Door and one without.  Which version fits your personal travel and packing style?

I’ve switched to the Quick-Access version. I occasionally use the electronics panel but most of the time I still prefer to carry my laptop in an Altmont™ backpack, so I remove the panel that separates the front pocket from the main compartment and just load everything through the front Quick-Access Door. I can just cram all my clothes in and go.

4.    How do you pack your hardside case?

I pack in the same way the Man Vs. Food guy eats a sandwich. It’s chaos. That’s what’s best for me. I know Dan, the Vice President of Victorinox Travel Gear Product Design, likes to roll his clothes and then separate them by type of clothing using the case’s 50/50 split divider wall.  I would expect that most people would pack this way, too. This way you stay organized and can utilize the compression straps that keep your items from shifting during travel and the zippered pockets for smaller items.  To each their own…

5.    Where have you traveled with this bag and where did you take it?

My Spectra™ 2.0 case has seen three continents so far. And Wisconsin. Is Wisconsin a continent? It should be. Go Pack Go!

6.    What color of Spectra is your favorite?  

It’s so hard to choose; I like all of the variations of Spectra™ 2.0.  I tend to travel with a black Spectra™ Dual-Access Global Carry-On, so I would say that is my favorite.

7.    In the past, the Spectra™ Collection has introduced many limited edition colors. Will this continue to be the case with Spectra™ 2.0?

The red, black and white colors are tried-and-true, but we will do limited editions for more adventurous folks.  That’s all I can say. I’ve said too much as it is.

8.    The Swiss Army Knife heritage of this brand is very engrained in this collection.  When designing this luggage collection, what inspiration comes from the knives? 

The Quick-Access styles are the Swiss Army Knife of luggage, for sure. It’s a bag equipped for any travel situation.  They can be business bags with sleeves for your laptop and tablet; pockets for phones, pens, and chargers; and they hold enough clothes for short trips. You wouldn’t even need a briefcase or backpack.  They are also a great choice for leisure travel.  They are stylish, lightweight, protective for any souvenirs you may acquire and they offer great packing flexibility.

9.    Not only is this bag lightweight, it is very strong and durable. What kind of testing is performed to ensure its durability?

They are thrown through the wringer; abused in more ways and more times than even the most disgruntled baggage handler would have the energy for.  And then we do it again to make sure the results are repeatable.  We have the highest testing standards of anyone in the industry and our testing lab upholds these standards to the fullest.

10. Tell us about the Spectra™ 2.0 material

It is made from two layers of 100% virgin Bayer polycarbonate. Meaning the polycarbonate hasn’t been recycled and remolded. Recycling materials greatly reduces the integrity of the material and weakens it.   A pure polycarbonate on the other hand creates a high-quality, high-impact resistant travel case that can withstand the toughest of travels.  Another benefit of polycarbonate is that it can bend. Through testing, we have determined the ideal thickness of polycarbonate to allow it to flex and absorb impact without breaking or cracking.  What I’m trying to get across, in many words, is that this material is protective, lightweight and durable; that’s why it’s commonly used in football helmets and police riot shields and it’s why we currently use it for our hardside luggage.

11. What obstacles did you face when designing this collection?

Whenever you change something that’s been successful, you run the risk of screwing it up. So we made sure everyone who came in contact with the new cases during development felt they were even better than the first ones.

12. What was your favorite part of designing the collection?

The best part is always the beginning; you have a blank sheet of paper and the possibilities are endless.

13. What’s the future of hardside luggage?

It’s here, with Spectra™ 2.0.

Thank you to Jacob for this exclusive insight into the newest generation of our popular Spectra™ Collection; coming to this fall!

Introducing Executive Chef Daniel Humm

Daniel Humm is a proud supporter of Victorinox Swiss Army’s Cutlery since he began his culinary training at the age of 14.   A native from Switzerland, Chef Daniel is the executive chef and co-owner of the three Michelin star-rated Eleven Madison Park in New York City, which was recently ranked among the ten best restaurants in the world on the San Pellegrino list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Chef Humm knew at the young age of 14 that it was his life-long dream to become a chef. His first set of knives, given by his father, were the Victorinox knives.  From the first moment he held these knives in his hands, Daniel knew that he would become a successful chef.  After completing his training (which he finished best in class, nationwide), Humm went on to cook at numerous renowned hotels and restaurants in Switzerland, where he began to win several awards.

The James Beard Foundation hands out the most prestigious culinary awards in the United States and is celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Chef Daniel, 35, is among the youngest winners of this James Beard award. Critics on both sides of the Atlantic have regarded Humm as one of the brightest up-and-coming culinary talents.

With the assistance of Chef Daniel Humm, we have selected a collection of Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery that would make any food preparation task an easy one in your home kitchen.  Many of these tools are used in the kitchen of Eleven Madison Park by Chef Humm and his staff.  From an award-winning restaurant to your kitchen, see Daniel Humm’s Picks, click here.

Awards for Eleven Madison Park and Chef Daniel Humm

  • The New York Times – Four Stars 2009
  • Michelin Guide – Three Stars 2012
  • Forbes Travel Guide – Five Stars 2010
  • S. Pellegrino – The world’s 50 Best Restaurants 2011
  • James Beard Foundation*
    • Outstanding restaurant award 2011
    • Angela Pinkerton, Outstanding Pastry Chef Award 2011
    • Daniel Humm, Best Chef of NYC 2010
    • Outstanding Wine Service Award 2008
    • Outstanding Service Award 2004


Icy Freshness of Mountain Air for Men, In a Bottle!

Glacier, Mountain Water
Fresh, cool scent of Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men

Swiss Army’s Most Popular Fragrances

One of Swiss Army’s most popular fragrances on the market is the Mountain Water for men collection.

Swiss Army’s perfume, Mountain Water, is a masterwork of the modern perfumer’s art.  To lend this cologne its novel icy freshness, the crystal clean air of a Swiss glacier was captures, analyzed in the laboratory and the converted into a perfume.

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men reinforces the icy freshness of mountain air.  The distinctive freshness, like a breath of pure air comes from the mountain rock lichen, a unique ingredient originated in the Swiss mountains selected exclusively for Victorinox.  Alpine Rock Lichens (a hardy mountain plant that can withstand extreme cold and dryness) introduce depth to the fresh scent, while its herbal ingredients emphasize distinctive masculinity.  The Alpine Rock Lichens exudes a wonderfully fresh, mineral and lightly salty scent.  In addition, Swiss Army Mountain Water also contains essences of black pepper, cool mint, plus a woody-spicy combination of sage, rosemary, moss and patchouli which further underscores the scent’s masculinity.

Mountain Water for Men is fresh cologne that will leave you smelling fresh and clean.  Mountain Water has been reviewed as one of the best cologne’s!

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men cologne is the perfect recommendation for the sporty, outdoorsy man.   It translates crisp freshness and unfolds its full dynamic force in the first few seconds.

This Swiss Army cologne comes packaged in a beautiful glacial blue bottle which translates the crisp freshness and its energizing, cool notes.

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What is a Santoku Knife?

What is a Santoku Knife?

Santoku Knife

What makes a Santoku Knife different from a Chef’s Knife?  To review; the word Santoku has Japanese historical significance that means ‘three virtues’.  The ‘three virtues’ a Santoku Knife contains is chopping, dicing, and mincing.  The Santoku Knife is the Japanese Cook’s Knife that combines the features of a clever with a Chef’s Knife.   When comparing the Santoku Knife vs. the Chef’s Knife, the Santoku Knife is designed more for cutting vegetables while the Chef’s Knife is used as more of a multi-purpose knife.

Our Santoku Knife is best known for its very sharp edged blade, which is made of high carbon stainless steel.  The steel blade is ice tempered to sustain its sharpness longer.  The Santoku Knife is an everyday use knife and will be the most cherished amongst all kitchen knives.

The Santoku Knife is becoming one of the most popular knives on the market and is known for its versatile use in the kitchen.  When cutting thinly sliced vegetables, you will find that you will do that with ease when using our Santoku Knife.  The blade is constructed with a fluted edge which makes paper thin slices and prevents food from sticking to the blade.  Vegetables (or any sticky food) will fall off the blade with ease!  See the slots in the blade in the picture above?  Those become small air pockets against the food you’re cutting, and force the food off of the blade so you don’t even need to use your fingers to remove.

Victorinox has several different types of Santoku Knives that are all priced affordably considering the prestigious handcrafted workmanship and quality that goes into our Victorinox knives.  Our Santoku knives are even used in the commercial/restaurant environment and continue to provide the utmost in quality and performance.

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Victorinox Swiss Army’s Newest, Sleek, Chic Watch for Men and Women!

Newest Womens Watch from Victorinox Swiss Army
Maverick GS (Ladies Version) from Victorinox Swiss Army, SKU #241492


Introducing the Maverick GS! The Maverick GS is constructed in Switzerland with the utmost in quality standards. This watch features Swiss-made movement. This beautiful, multi-functional timepiece has a stainless steel case, with a unidirectional rotating bezel with polished finish. The caseback is a screw-in type. The Maverick GS has a protected crown and scratch-resistant, triple coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The Maverick GS also keeps date with its convenient date calendar on it’s face.

This timepiece will especially be helpful in the dark since it has luminous hands.

So, whether you are swimming, taking a shower, or just get caught in the rain, there is no need to worry since this watch is water-resistant! And, for the adventurist that loves to dive, you can take this watch with you underwater to depths of 100m.

This type of watch is an all-purpose timepiece that comes in different strap types and face colors. There is one for everyone’s taste!

Check out our full variety of Maverick GS timepieces now to add to your fall wardrobe!

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NEW Style, Built on a Heritage of Ingenuity.

NEW Alliance Chrono
NEW Alliance Chrono, SKU#241478

Our NEW Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance watch is the result of classic watch built on a heritage of ingenuity and precise attention to detail, with a distinctively modern twist.  This watch is the best in highest quality Swiss design, durability, and craftsmanship at a sensible price. Our Swiss-made watch products have been reviewed to be the best.   We use only high-quality metals and materials.  Each watch is created individually with superior craftsmanship.

The new Alliance has many features.  Some of its features are its Swiss-made quartz movement, luminescent hands.  The watch is available with black, charcoal grey and silver dials or 3-row alternating-finish steel bracelet or leather strap in black, charcoal grey and camel.   There are interchangeable Victorinox watch bands to suit the taste of anyone.

The Alliance watch has a sleek and sexy design that has caused it to become one of our most popular watches.  This timepiece is professional, as well as conventional.  You will turn heads while wearing this watch.

The Alliance line has steadily evolved since its earliest incarnations, yet the core values remain clearly and indelibly the same:   serious, and  function-driven design using Swiss-made components and crafted materials of the highest caliber.  Our Victorinox Swiss Army watches are an international symbol of prestige and quality.

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The Scent of a Beautiful Swiss Spring Meadow and Waterfall…FRESH!!

Mountain Water Perfume for her
Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her is one of the top women’s perfumes.  It has become one of the most popular perfumes by Swiss Army.

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her takes on the sporty freshness and clarity of its male counterpart (Swiss Army Mountain Water for Him).  This Swiss Army perfume animates the body.  Imagine the spray of a waterfall, entrancing the spirit with the beautiful scent of a spring meadow.  Meanwhile soft feminine meadow of harmony unfolds, exuding an equilibrium and strength which can only exist in the quietude of nature.

The Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her perfume is geared toward a woman that is feminine, sporty and outdoor oriented, modern, dynamic, challenging, and casual.  This most popular women’s perfume reflects the feminine harmony and romance of the mountains.  This fresh, clear fragrance will transport your senses up to the peaks of the Swiss mountains, reviving your body like the spray of an icy waterfall and captivating your spirit with the scent of colorful alpine blossom.

Take a look at all of our Swiss Army perfumes and colognes, there is sure to be one that you or your loved one will fall in love with!

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The Best of Both Worlds, Swiss Army Knife, and USB Flash Drive in One!

Did you know that our famous Swiss Army Knife has a USB Flash drive included as one of its implements?  Our VictorinoxSwiss Army Flash drive is one of the best and most ingenious flash drives on the market.   Our flash drive is reviewed to be one of the most popular.

A USB flash drive can store music, data, documents, photos, movies and pretty much anything that can be saved on your personal or work computer.   The Victorinox  Swiss Army flash drive has speed, performance, and quality like no other.

The Victorinox Flash comes in 3 different size capacities; 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.  Since there is so much selection with memory capacity there is a size that is perfect for you!   The Victorinox Flash comes in a beautiful ruby red color.  We also have an Alox version that is available in a many different memory size.  The Alox style has a sleeker, sophisticated look.

Victorinox Swiss Army has two USB flash drive versions available.  One has a removable USB flashdrive with a LED mini white light and retractable ball point pen.  It also has all of the features that our famous Classic Swiss Army knife has (Scissors, Blade, nail file with screwdriver, and key ring).  We also have a flight friendly flash drive which looks like a Swiss Army Knife but just has the USB drive, retractable ball point pen, LED mini white light and key ring.  This USB Flash drive is also a flight safe Swiss Army Knife.  Removing the blade, scissors, and screwdriver make this flash drive safe to bring on a plane.   Since both model types have a removable and portable USB flash drive, we make it more convenient to take your work where you need to be.

The Victorinox Swiss Army USB flash drive will certainly be a great gift for yourself, or anyone you know, that is looking for the trendiest, tech savvy items on the market.  Our USB Flash drive will be the talk amongst all of your friends!  The Victorinox USB flash drive (Victorinox Flash) is the best in class.

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Best Chef’s Knives – The Best Chef’s Knives for Home and Professional Use

Chef's Knife by Swiss ArmyThe Best Chef’s Knives

What makes the best chef’s knife for home and professional use?  Victorinox Swiss Army has been the choice of professionals since 1884 for home use as well as in the commercial industry.  Available in Stamped or Forged and two different handle types, Fibrox and Rosewood, the Chef’s Knife is the must have kitchen cutlery item and has multiple uses.

Perfect for slicing, chopping, dicing and cutting up just about every food type in the home kitchen, our best in class chef’s knives are available for purchase online at and carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

By the time Karl Elsener created the Swiss Army Knife, he had been creating fine cutlery for 13 years and his business was already booming.  As it was then, our cutlery today is the choice of professionals right down the line.  You don’t have to be a professional to appreciate our beautifully balanced, perfectly weighted razor-sharp tools.  But you can put them to work just the same.

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