Jetsetter Series: Traveling to Puerto Rico with Travel + Leisure Style Director Mimi Lombardo


At Victorinox Travel Gear  we live and breathe travel. To get a better look at what goes into the production of a travel magazine cover shoot, we went straight to the source – Travel + Leisure Style Director Mimi Lombardo. We recently sat down with Mimi to talk about what it was like shooting the cover of the June issue that hits stands this May.  Here’s what she had to say:

VTG: Mimi, so glad you could join us for our Victorinox Blogger Series.  What have you been up to?

ML: Things are great! I just got back from a Travel + Leisure cover shoot in Puerto Rico. It was a real treat to stay at the newly renovated Dorado Beach Resort (a Ritz Carlton property) and airfare was cheap too – under $300 – so all signs pointed to a great trip even though I would be working.

Victorinox Travel Tip: The only thing better than snagging airfare under $300 is snagging luggage under $300 to go with it. Try the sleek Spectra Prism Extra-Capacity Carry-On in Black for a durable option that won’t break the bank.

VTG: What does a typical day of shooting look like?

ML: We actually shot for three days – our shoot started in the spa which boasts of mineral baths, massages in tree houses, warm bucket showers and 5 acres of tranquil lush gardens. Our model, Shannon was a dream. Beautiful, patient and with an inviting smile – I wish she was on our staff to do every story! Crystal blue skies started the next day and we took advantage by shooting the private house called Su Casa. They call it the Crown Jewel of the property in the style of a Spanish Hacienda – just a little old beach bungalow with a private beach and your own concierge. The third day we shot Chi-Chi Rodriquez, a famous professional golfer from the 70’s, who lives on the resort. He is quite the Dapper Dan and our model Shannon wore pink Gucci that evoked that era. The resort itself is so beautiful too. My room was amazing – there was an outdoor shower, a bathroom bigger then my Brooklyn bedroom and a wonderful view of the ocean.  Super! Then it was off to Positivo Sand Bar for a pomegranate “mocktail’ and some spinach empanadillas.

Victorinox Travel Tip: Get a trendy pink travel look inspired by model Shannon’s ensemble with the Werks Traveler  4.0 WT 27 Dual-Caster in Pink.

VTG: Sounds like quite the production! How many people work with you to pull off such a big shoot?

Surprisingly, the crew is actually pretty small.  It was me, our model Shannon, Design Director Sandra Garcia, Hair and Makeup Artist Elsa Canedo and Photographer Christopher Sturman. Christopher arrived a day early to get shots without the model and so when we arrived to glorious clear skies, 80 degree temperatures and a smiling photographer, I knew we were on the right track.

Victorinox Travel Tip: Choose a backpack with padded compartments such as the Altmont 3.0 Flapover Drawstring Laptop Backpack to ensure tech accessories like cameras, laptops and tablets are properly protected.

VTG:  Did you have any downtime to explore?

ML: The first night of shooting we ventured out of the resort for dinner and ended up at a local dive with a brilliant blue parakeet perched for all to enjoy. We ordered a classic Puerto Rican dish – rice and beans and red snapper with Romesco sauce – delicious!

Victorinox Travel Tip: For off-the-resort day trips, bring along the Altmont 3.0 Dual-Compartment Monosling  for easy access to all your go-to essentials.

VTG: Sounds like it was a really incredible trip – it must be hard to leave it all behind.

ML: Photo crews are like a circus coming to town. We set up our tents, do our job, enter each others’ lives briefly, share secrets and then move on. Over dinner on our last evening in Puerto Rico, we toasted to great photos and then said our goodbyes. The next day we departed for our flights back to the zero degree temps in New York, but we’ll always have Dorado!


Ladies Who Love Victorinox Luggage

In honor of Mother’s Day, we are sharing some of our favorite photos and travel tips of famous ladies who love Victorinox Travel Gear.

1. Nicole Chavez: Celebrity stylist, creative force behind, mother and avid travele

  • Luggage of Choice:  Spectra™ hardside luggage, in any size. “It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, efficient and sleek. I’m always surprised that even when I think the Spectra™ won’t close, it somehow does! … I even use the amazing color selection to color coordinate their [her clients] luggage on trips or press tours (e.g. all gowns are in red Spectra™, while all casual clothes are in the blue).”
  • Travel Tip for Moms:  “I always tuck a small cosmetic bag containing my license, passport, and other travel documents in my purse so it’s organized and easy to access.”

You can read her entire interview on

2. Nikki Reed: Actress, screenwriter, model and newlywed

  • Luggage of Choice: Spotted with husband Paul McDonald using Spectra™ 29 in blue . Stand out from the crowd and keep your belongings protected with this hardside travel case!

3. Vanessa Minnillo: American television personality, fashion model, actress and new mother

4. Kristin Cavallari: American television personality, actress, mother and jewelry & shoe designer.

5. Mimi Lombardo: Fashion editor of Travel + Leisure Magazine, stylist, mother and traveler who recently answered a “Trip Doctor” question on .

  • Luggage of Choice: When asked, she recommended the Spectra™ Extra-Capacity Carry-On . She says: “It also has maximum maneuverability thanks to its eight wheels. If you are used to two, scooting around the airport with this many is truly life-changing“
  • Look Forward To: We recently sat down with Mimi to discuss her recent trip to Puerto Rico for the cover shoot of the June issue of Travel + Leisure. Look for this exclusive interview on in May!

6. Katie Stanton:  Twitter Vice President of International Sales and Development, mother and frequent business traveler.’s Colleen Leahey recently interviewed her for the article, “10 Women Business Leaders, 64 Smart Travel Tips” to find out how she stays sane while traveling.

Luggage of Choice: “Red Victorinox Swiss Rolling Suitcase. I always stick with bright colors so it stands out.”

  • Travel Tip for Moms: “While I’m away, I Skype or Facetime with my family every evening and show them what the city I’m in looks like. And I never come home empty handed”

7. Hyla Bauer: Condé Nast Traveler’s Style and Accessories Editor

  • Luggage of Choice: “If you have to bring your office on the road, this bold backpack will make it easier: adjustable shoulder straps, space for a laptop, a padded sleeve, and secure pockets galore.”  Hyla is talking about the Laptop Backpack from the Altmont™ Collection ; it was her luggage pick for “The Daily Traveler” 

If you’re a mom or a lady who loves Victorinox Travel Gear, visit our Facebook page  and leave us a pic of your luggage, tell us about your Victorinox Travel Gear of choice or share a useful travel tip!  And now until May 10, you can enter our Mother’s Day Pinterest sweepstakes  for a chance to win your very own WT 22 Dual-Caster Carry-On in Limited Edition Pink!


Bauer, Hyla. “Fashion Editor’s Luggage Pick: Victorinox Laptop Backpack.” Condé Nast Traveler. Condé Nast Traveler Network, 20 Apr. 2012. Web. 25 Apr. 2013.

Leahey, Colleen. “Powerful Women: Here’s How You Travel in Style.”CNNMoney. Cable News Network / Fortune Magazine, 22 Mar. 2013. Web. 25 Apr. 2013.

Lombardo, Mimi. “Travel + Leisure.” Travel + Leisure Magazine, 18 Feb. 2013. Web. 25 Apr. 2013.



2012 Best Gift Ideas – Personnel Insights


Have you started thinking about your gift list for the holiday season? Will you be equipping your friends and family with Victorinox Travel Gear?  Our team in the office has compiled a list of the travel and everyday gifts they’re giving friends and family in 2012 to help you think of the best gift ideas for the traveler on your list!

Jacob – Product Designer
Cortina Leather Travel Organizer from Altius™ 3.0 Collection
For the upcoming holiday season, I will be purchasing a Cortina Leather Travel Organizer  for my girlfriend. On our last trip abroad, she mentioned that her wallet isn’t large enough to hold a boarding pass or foreign currency so she had to find separate pockets in her purse for all her travel necessities. I think she will appreciate having all of her stuff in one, easily accessible place.

Lili – Purchasing Agent
Executive 17 Briefcase from Werks Professional™ Collection
I’m planning on giving the Executive 17 briefcase to my husband this holiday season. His current briefcase is very worn down and I thought it was time for an upgrade. He liked his old briefcase a lot, but I know he’ll love this one (the Executive 17) because it can hold his 17” laptop and has a lot of pockets for him to put everything he needs for work.

Jason – International Business Development Manager
Assorted products from Altmont™ 2.0, CH-97™ 2.0 and Spectra™ Collections
I’m actually getting a lot of people on my list Victorinox products. My sister is getting an Altmont™ 2.0 Flapover Monosling because it really matches her style and will be great everyday bag. I have a few friends who are really into camping and hiking so I’m getting them a CH-97™ 2.0 Outrider Backpack  to take on their trips since it’s lightweight and has that “outdoorsy” look.  My big gift this year will be a Spectra™ Extra-Capacity Carry-On  for my family. We travel every once in a while and my wife and I could really use a sound piece of luggage to take on our trips for ourselves and the kids.

Virginia – Internet Marketing Coordinator
WT Convertible 2-in-1 Hybrid Duffel Garment Bag from Werks Traveler™ 4.0 Collection
My dad works out at the gym every morning before he goes to work. Right now he carries everything in a backpack and his shirts get a little wrinkled and sometimes dirty being next to his shoes. The WT Convertible 2-in-1 Hybrid Duffel Garment Bag would allow him to go to the gym wearing his gym clothes and carry his work clothes in a garment bag to keep everything wrinkle free and clean. There are even separate pockets for his dress shoes. Once he is done at the gym, he can convert the garment bag into a duffel to carry home his dirty gym clothes.  It’s a perfect bag for this exact use.

Kristie – Executive Assistant
Automatic Umbrella from Lifestyle Accessories Collection
This year I will be giving Victorinox Automatic Umbrellas  as my stocking stuffer gifts. I have a red umbrella and my husband has a black one and they are fabulous!  I love the fact that with a touch of a button my umbrella is up and ready to go! 

Kevin – Graphic Designer
Specialist Briefcase from Werks Professional™ Collection
An old friend of mine from college travels quite a bit for work and is always complaining that his business case is too bulky and doesn’t have a safe spot to store his iPad. So this holiday I’m going to surprise him with the Specialist briefcase  from the Werks Professional™ Collection. This way he can carry his iPad and laptop with all his other gear in one, slim-bodied bag while he’s traveling.

To learn more about these and other great gift ideas, visit There you’ll find our handy Holiday Gift Guide  to help you find a gift for anyone on your list this year. You can also sign up online to get special offers and news emailed to you this holiday season or just “Like” us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter  to stay up-to-date on all our holiday promotions!

Jetsetter Series: Traveling with Celebrity Stylist Nicole Chavez: Packing Tips, World Tours with Celebrities & More


The Victorinox Travel Gear team recently caught up with Nicole Chavez, celebrity stylist, creative force behind and avid traveler. Chavez is a major influence within the fashion industry as one of Hollywood’s most highly sought after stylists. Nicole was named one of the “Top 10 Superstar Stylists” by Forbes Magazine. She was also ranked #20 on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood,” and “Star Stylist Extraordinaire” at the Hollywood Style Awards in recognition for her exemplary work in styling. With clients including Rachel Bilson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kristen Bell, Nikki Reed, and Katherine Heigl, Nicole’s keen eye for detail and fit has firmly landed her at the forefront of fashion.

 Below, Nicole shares her top personal and professional packing tips, her favorite pieces from Victorinox Travel Gear and her own jet-setting agenda for her family and son Zev’s first holiday season. 

Victorinox Travel Gear: How long have you been working as a stylist and what is your favorite part of the job?
Nicole Chavez: I have been styling for about eight years now. I started in the costume departments in TV and Film.  I was working on “The OC” when I met my dear friend, first client, and now business partner, Rachel Bilson, when I decided to go off on my own.  I love that every day is different – there is definitely never a dull moment. I love fashion so it is a gift to be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art all day.

VTG: How much time do you spend traveling?
NC: I travel once or twice a month, but I slowed right after having my son, Zev, earlier this year. Now I am back in the air, going wherever the ladies need me! 

VTG: How would you describe your personal travel style?
NC: Comfortable and chic. I always want to look presentable and pulled together anywhere I go, but I need comfort when I travel. 

VTG: What is your most memorable travel experience – good or bad?
NC: My best and worst experiences actually happened on the same trip! I was on a world tour with one of my clients; we visited seven countries in nine days. It was an amazing, but exhausting trip – we spent all day sightseeing and attended the movie premieres at night.  Our last stop was Berlin and we were trying to get home in time for Christmas with our families.  There was a HUGE storm and absolutely no flights. We ended up being stuck for a few extra days and I finally broke down at the airport. All I wanted was to get back to my husband for the holidays. To cheer myself up I spent the following 2 days in Berlin at the spa. With travel, when you want to get home, you want to get home!

VTG: What are your top packing tips?
NC: When I am packing for myself or for my clients, efficiency is always key due to baggage weight limitations.  Personally, I always try and do a bit of research before a trip: what’s the weather going to be? What is the culture? I even sometimes research the local street style online.

My top overall tricks:

  • For my clients, I always pack a, “911 kit” which typically includes all the essentials one needs to avoid any fashion catastrophes:  a needle and thread, moleskin, top stick [double-sided tape], Band Aids, static guard, lint rollers, scissors, etc.
  • Pick a color theme and stick with it to make it easier to edit out extraneous items.  Everything should work together – eliminate the shoes that only work with one outfit and go for the pair that works with multiple!
  • If you have time, take pictures of outfits (accessories and footwear included) so getting ready on the road is a breeze – no thinking required.

When packing my suitcase or my clients’, I make the most of every square inch of space!

  • I start with a bottom layer of rolled garments such as knits and cottons that don’t easily wrinkle, to save space
  • In the middle I place the heavier, folded items then the lighter items (e.g. bathing suits and workout gear) on top.
  • I always wear the heaviest pair of shoes I’m bringing, and place the others in shoe bags to avoid heels poking through delicate fabrics or dirtying clean clothes. Overall, I try to bring one casual pair, maybe flats, workout sneakers and one pair of heels – unless of course I’m headed to Fashion Week! To maximize space, I wrap belts around the perimeter of the bag and tuck small items like chargers and sunglasses inside my shoes.
  • Another trick – I always use garment bags or dry cleaning bags to divide the layers and keep my garments clean and protected, just in case any toiletries leak!
  • Also, for packing with ease or when you have little time to think in advance, there are several easy packing lists you can download online and print/check off as you go.  These always keep me organized.
  • I also always bring an expandable or foldable/packable extra bag to tote back souvenirs, gifts and purchases made on the road!

Victorinox travel tip: To save space and organize your belongings like Nicole, try the Victorinox Lifestyle Accessories 3.0 Packing Cube Set

VTG: Do you prefer hardside or softside luggage?
NC: I love hardside cases – specifically the Spectra Collection from Victorinox. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, efficient and sleek. I’m always surprised that even when I think the Spectra won’t close, it somehow does! I love the protection of a hardside case but room to fit everything I need. The Global Carry-On is a great weekender size. I always recommend Spectra to my clients. I even use the amazing color selection to color coordinate their luggage on trips or press tours (e.g. all gowns are in red Spectra, while all casual clothes are in the blue).

Victorinox travel tip: This holiday season you can find the Spectra Collection on in WhiteThis special color, a favorite in renowned international retail locations such as Harrod’s London, will be available to U.S. shoppers for a limited time!

VTG: Are there travel accessories you can’t live without?
NC: I always tuck a small cosmetic bag containing my license, passport, and other travel documents in my purse so it’s organized and easy to access. For jewelry, I use a makeup case – like a Hanging Toiletry Kit – to avoid tangling and so I can see everything more easily.

Victorinox travel tip: Try the Lifestyle Accessories 3.0 Travel Organizer to easily organize and access passports and important documents on the go!

VTG: Why do you recommend Victorinox Travel Gear for travelers of any kind?
NC: I use Victorinox because it’s luggage that lasts. If you’re a frequent traveler like me, it’s important to have quality cases that still look chic and cool and I’ve experienced that firsthand with Victorinox.

VTG: Backpacks are a big fashion statement this season! Do you use them when you travel?
NC: I’m a huge fan of backpacks.  They relieve stress on my back by distributing weight, keep my hands free and are great for overhead compartments. I also travel with a tote handbag  to store items that I need to quickly and easily access. When traveling with electronics, I usually keep my laptop in my backpack and iPad in my tote.

VTG: Will you be traveling anywhere this holiday season?
NC: I went to Seattle for Thanksgiving and am going to Hawaii for Christmas and New Year’s. We’re taking the baby with us. Traveling with a baby now is crazy. I feel like I have to take the entire nursery!


VTG: What travel-related gifts do you hope to receive or will you be giving this holiday?
NC: I haven’t started my shopping yet, but travel gear would be great for my husband and in-laws. The Victorinox Spill Resistant Pouch SetAll-in-One Charger Set and All-in-One Adapter Plug are great stocking stuffers!

We hope these helpful travel tips from industry pro, Nicole Chavez have helped you take the edge off of your holiday travel stress! Check back on early and often for the latest Victorinox Travel Gear additions and from all of us at Victorinox, have a very happy holiday!

Thanksgiving Travel Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year. The increased traffic can lead to fuller flights, longer security lines and increased stress.  Below is Victorinox Swiss Army’s Thanksgiving Travel Survival Guide full of helpful tips and tricks to make your holiday travels easier.

1.      Organize Your Suitcase

Keeping your clothes sorted in your suitcase saves time and keeps you organized when you reach your destination. Items like the Victorinox Swiss Army Packing Cube Set are great for packing multiple people’s clothes in the same suitcase because they keep each person’s items separate and sorted. This makes everything easier to find and keeps your clothes less wrinkled during your trip. Packing cubes also let you easily separate your dirty clothes from clean, unworn clothing on your trip back home.

2.      Check-In Early

Online check-in allows you to check in up to 24 hours before your flight and print your boarding pass before leaving for the airport. This can be a huge time saver if you aren’t checking a bag. To keep all your documents in order, carry a Victorinox Swiss Army Travel Organizer with your boarding passes, identification and credit cards to make your trip go more smoothly.  If you can’t print your boarding pass in advance, utilize an electronic boarding pass. Simply display your online boarding pass from your online app or email and use it just like you would a paper boarding pass.

3.      Stay Up-To-Date On Your Flight Status

Leading up to your departure, keep up to date on your flight status to avoid unexpected delays. There are a variety of mobile apps like,, FlightTrack, or Flight+ to help you stay informed before takeoff.  Most airlines also have their own apps and will send flight status updates via push notifications. If you don’t download an app, give the airline your cell phone number when booking your flight so they can notify you of changes via voicemail or text message.

4.      Protect Yourself From The Inconvenience Of Lost Luggage

Last year, over 42.5 million people traveled on over 116,000 flights during the Thanksgiving holiday. All this chaos can lead to delays, cancellations and sold-out flights. This increases the risk of lost luggage if you’re checking a bag. Fortunately, 98% of lost bags get reunited with their owner, and most within 24 hours, but having your essentials such as medication, toiletries and a change of clothes in a carry-on helps you survive your holiday if your bag is temporarily lost. You can also use a Tracking ID Tag or a Victorinox bag with the Swiss Tracker™ Bag Tracking Program to help reunite you with your lost luggage.

5.      Travel In Comfort

It’s always a good idea to bring a travel blanket and pillow with you when you’re flying or traveling with kids. Having items like the Victorinox Swiss Army Deluxe Travel Pillow and the Deluxe Travel Blanket make for a more comfortable trip and will be more sanitary than borrowing one on the plane. Some airlines are even starting to charge extra for these amenities, so bringing your own can also help save money. If you’re on a long road trip or your flight gets canceled or delayed, a pillow and blanket can make the journey much more comfortable.

6.      Avoid Baggage Fees

Checking your luggage can cost you as much as $50 for the first bag and even more for additional luggage.  To make your trip more cost effective, try packing everything in a carry-on bag. In addition to saving money, carrying-on saves you from having to stand in line to check your bag, or wait for it at the carousel after your flight.

7.      Speed Through Airport Security

To quickly get through U.S. security checkpoints, use a bag with Security Fast Pass™. These bags let you leave your laptop in your bag when you’re going through airport security. Find out more ways to speed through security with Victorinox Swiss Army’s Top 10 Tips for Getting Through U.S. Airport Security Faster.

8.      Escape The Crowds

If you need to escape the hectic crowds at the airport, you can typically purchase day passes into the airline clubs or lounges to relax before your flight.  Besides comfortable seating and ample outlets, these areas have specialized airline agents who can help you reschedule your flights if they are delayed without having to wait in the general line.  The Thanksgiving travel season is a great time to splurge on this. Just visit your airline’s website to learn more and purchase your pass.

9.      Keep Your Electronics Charged

With the increase in travelers, the airport power outlets and charging stations can fill up fast.  To make sure you don’t lose power before reaching your destination, fully-charge all your items before leaving for the airport. You can also bring a Travel Power Strip to charge multiple electronic devices all at once. The Travel Power Strip also lets you share an outlet with someone if they’ve all filled up. This can be extremely useful during long delays and cancellations and could even help you make a new friend.

10.      Use Your Smart Phone to Navigate the Airport

There are a variety of apps that help you find restaurants, shops and other amenities in different airports. This lets you find what you are looking for quickly and easily to save you from wandering aimlessly around the airport with your luggage. Some of our favorite apps are GateGuru, iFly Pro, Airport Transit Guide and FLYSmart.

Wherever your travels take you this Thanksgiving holiday, we hope you have a wonderful time with your friends and family. If you need help finding the perfect bag to take on your trip, be sure to check out the Victorinox Swiss Army new Bag Finder tool.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Personnel Insights: Fall Travel Destinations

Fall is a wonderful time of year to travel. The changing colors, cooler weather and a variety of outdoor events make this the perfect season for a family getaway or just a short weekend trip. Below are some of our employees’ favorite fall travel destinations.

Lacey Moore
Senior Product Developer, Travel Gear

My favorite destination for fall travel is Savannah, GA.  I love going there for two reasons; my only sister lives in Savannah with my new niece, and it is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in America.  While I’m there, I make sure to do some sightseeing in the historic district as well as go shopping with my sister and mom.  Savannah is famous for its history, beauty and best of all, delicious food.  My favorite restaurant is The Lady & Sons.  It is owned by Paula Deen, so the specialty is anything cooked in butter.  You have to wait in line for hours, but it is more than worth it.  Just know you may need a nap shortly after your meal!

Another fun Savannah activity is taking a Haunted Tour of the city.  The tour takes place at night and you ride in an old hearse that has been turned into a convertible with seats.  The car drives you to the haunted places in the city and you get to hear the stories of what happened in each particular location.

Karren Gerhardt
Customer Service Supervisor, Travel Gear

For me, nothing beats the Smokey Mountains in autumn. The outdoors just feel so fresh and clean. The trees are beautiful all year, but especially in the fall when they are changing colors. We stay in a cabin back in the woods and love to hike through the mountains and see all the waterfalls and wildlife.  I’m really hoping to see a bear in the wild (at a distance of course) but have not done so yet.  Along the way I love to try out the little hometown restaurants and stop at all the little shops in the tourist towns.

Rodney Tomlin
National Accounts Manager, Southeast Territory, Travel Gear

I love visiting Miami and Miami Beach, Florida and always try to take a trip there each fall.  It’s nice to be among the palm trees and feel the warm breeze in October. Whenever I’m there, I’m sure to visit Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. Great atmosphere, great bar; essentially everything you want in a restaurant.  Oh, and the stone crab claws are pretty good as well.  I always enjoy people watching when I’m down in Miami.  Miami Beach is a hot spot – great for people watching and you might even run into a celebrity or two.

Kimberley Vuitel
Director of International Sales, Travel Gear

In the fall I love traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyoming just as the cool weather arrives and it begins to snow in the mountains.  Cooler temperatures encourage wildlife to come into the valley where we’re able to see them.  The mountains in Jackson are spectacular, the leaves changing color are not to be missed, but it’s the wildlife that makes it my favorite fall destination. The hiking trails are particularly amazing this time of year.  We’re not too adventurous, but the best way to enjoy Jackson isn’t from inside your car – it’s immersing yourself by walking or hiking. After a day of enjoying the outdoors, we open a bottle of wine, cook one of our favorite meals such as fondue or lamb chops and just enjoy being together.

Lisa Baltz
Senior Director of Customer Service and Compliance, Travel Gear

While most people think of a fall vacation as going somewhere to see the beautiful fall colors or to hike outdoors, my family loves to go to the beach that time of year.  The weather is wonderful and the resorts are typically much less crowded than in the summer.  One of my most memorable trips was to St. Martin the year my favorite baseball team won the World Series.  We typically spent the days exploring the beautiful beaches, or my husband would go snorkeling while I happily read a book in my lounge chair.  In the evening, we would go to a local restaurant, enjoy the delicious French onion soup and watch the games on the big-screen TV.  American baseball was far from a popular sport there, but the staff at the restaurant quickly became fans and helped us cheer our team all the way to a World Series victory

Inside the Werks Professional™ Business Case Collection

Victorinox is excited to introduce the new Werks Professional Collection™, which includes briefcases, backpacks and laptop bags with compartments for laptops, iPads, tablets and eReaders. The designer, Jacob Lusson, created this collection for carrying on a daily basis by combining a lightweight and durable construction with a respectable appearance. Here’s an inside look into his thinking and inspiration when creating Werks Professional™

What inspired you to create the Werks Professional™ Collection?
There was gap in our products between casual, lifestyle-oriented bags and formal, business-oriented gear. We didn’t have anything for the person who works in a professional environment, but wants something less formal than a traditional briefcase. This collection would also be perfect for the person who freelances from a coffee house or commutes to a downtown design studio.

What sets Werks Professional™ apart from the other business cases in the market?
Organization. Most bags on the market have slots for your pens, slots for your business cards, a pocket for your phone, dividers for your documents, a sleeve for your computer, and not much else. And if the items that you carry don’t fit into one of those prescribed pockets, you are welcome to toss them to the bottom of the bag and let them rattle around. With Werks Professional™, we made sure there are many padded pockets for whatever items you carry. They are non-specific and plentiful.

What was the creative inspiration behind the design of Werks Professional™?
Modern devices dictated a lot of the physical shape of the bags. They are slimmer than some past collections because an iPad is slimmer than a three-ring binder. Computers have gotten thinner. Lighter. So we made the pieces thinner, lighter, and more modern looking. To emphasize this, we put a tablet sleeve in every piece.

What is your favorite feature of this collection?
The molded haul handles. Every time I pick one of the bags up, I’m surprised by how good they feel.

How would you describe your personal business style?
Full throttle.

What is your favorite piece in this collection?
The Associate.  That’s the larger backpack. It has a very well organized interior. I use a backpack when I travel, but I’m always misplacing things inside the pack. To prevent that, there are pockets everywhere on this pack. There’s even a hidden one on the back panel. It’s a completely full-featured backpack that doesn’t look big and bulky.

-Jacob Lusson, Product Designer for Victorinox Travel Gear

Studied industrial design at the University of Wisconsin Stout and worked at Blu Dot in Minneapolis and Kohler Company in Kohler, Wisconsin before designing Victorinox Travel Gear.