HOCR Exclusive Commemorative Swiss Army Knives


While you are at the Head of the Charles Regatta event this weekend in Boston be sure to stop by the Victorinox Swiss Army tents in the Rowing & Fitness Expo and Weld Exhibition areas. We’ll have available new HOCR exclusive commemorative Swiss Army Knives featuring both HOCR event image designs as well as a wide array of new color combination scales great for those who want to show their school spirit in their Swiss Army Knife!

Here’s a sneak preview of the mix-and-match designs you can choose from:

HOCR Scales School Spirit SAK HOCR

We look forward to seeing you at HOCR this weekend!

Victorinox Swiss Army Team

Victorinox Swiss Army Extends I.N.O.X. Reach to ESPN and ESPN2 Audiences


This Fall, Victorinox Swiss Army is introducing a new ad campaign that poses the question to ESPN viewers “What does it take to be a Victorinox Swiss Army watch?”

The answer?

“Timeless and tough.”

“The most impressive watch in the world.”

“Steeled for action.”


These are just a few attention-grabbing headlines for the recently introduced Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. timepiece featured in the company’s new fall 2014 ad campaign spanning television, radio, print and online advertising vehicles produced exclusively for ESPN. The first commercial for the new fall campaign that aired on ESPN and ESPN 2 on October 14, 2014.


SNEAK PREVIEW: View the new Victorinox Swiss Army commercial launching on ESPN here.


This year marks 130 years of the company’s famous Swiss Army knife; and, the 25th anniversary of the first introduction of Victorinox Swiss Army timepieces. Victorinox is celebrating these significant milestones with the launch of the company’s most unique and distinctive time piece to date – I.N.O.X. Elegant and innovatively designed to be nearly indestructible, each Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. timepiece is put through a ruthless battery of 130 extreme durability tests, including excessive pressure and thermal stress.


“Forged to resist and endure the harshest of conditions, I.N.O.X. is the perfect companion for life for professional and collegiate football players – and the scores of fans who are just as passionate about watching their favorite teams on ESPN from pre-season through to the cold winter play-off months,” said Rene Stutz, President and CEO of Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc.

The new series of I.N.O.X. featured commercials is a continuation of the successful VSA-exclusive ESPN campaign “Inspired by Authenticity” launched in May 2014.  (View the commercial here.)

The new I.N.O.X. commercials will run through December during primetime and on weekends as part of College Football, signature ESPN and ESPN2 SportsCenter and MIKE & MIKE show programming.

To learn more about the Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. visit: http://www.victorinoxwatches.com

Meat: An Education

For those that missed August’s event at Brooklyn Kitchen we had a lively discussion among the four panelists and Tasting Table moderator, Jamie Feldmar about the State of Meat in NY. While there were many revelatory insights about the nuances and challenges in sustainable farming and meat sourcing that came out of the discussion, one of the biggest consumer call-to-action themes for better understanding the meat they buy and eat, comes down to one key thing – the label.

When you go to the butcher, the supermarket or a restaurant and see words such as “organic” or “no antibiotics” or “all natural” to describe the meat you’re about to buy or eat, you expect a higher level of quality in both the sourcing and the processing of that meat, right?

And it’s true that sustainably run farms deliver us meat that is distinctively better tasting and we literally get more ‘bang for our buck’ with each and every bite. And yes, this meat is more expensive to procure but when you are nourishing your body isn’t ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ a good rule of thumb?

Did you know you could actually help support more sustainable farmers bring quality meats to a market near you by buying less meat – but focusing that meat spend on only quality meats sourced from sustainably managed farms, whether they are within 100 miles, or 1000 miles. The key is, how is that farmer – or group of farmers – raising their animals. To eliminate the industrial agricultural model, we have to accept and support that sustainably raised foods of all types must cost more. Sustainable is not truly sustainable unless the farmer can afford to live on the land.

At DeBragga, we’ve long believed in the power of transparent information for the trade and consumers alike to make informed decisions about the meat they buy and serve.  This commitment to excellence enabled us to become the sole New York City-based distributor for “Certified Angus Beef” in 1982, which was one of the original branded heritage breed programs under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture. This tradition continues still today as DeBragga is building its own local network with grass fed cattle in New York State, and raising its own heritage breed hogs with Amish farmers – Gloucester Old Spots, the rarest breed in America – and pure blood Berkshires. We also work with “local” networks of farmers around the country who share the ideal of protecting the land, respecting the animal, and earning a fair wage for their efforts. In some cases, the carbon footprint of working with a cooperative seven states away can be far less.

We invite you to help us keep the State of Meat in NY discussion alive and join us in this Meat education and information revolution. Our goal is to support a sustainable farming industry that can grow and flourish in the U.S., once again giving consumers the power of choice and better access to the best quality meats for themselves and those they love.

George Faison

DeBragga Meats

Innovation Opens Doors And Wins Awards

IMG_1110_2We are thrilled to announce that the Spectra™ 2.0 Dual-Access Extra-Capacity Carry-On has been selected as Best Luggage in the 2014 Travel + Leisure Design Awards! Victorinox Travel Gear Vice President of Product Strategy & Design, Dan Tarala and Travel Gear Senior Designer, Jacob Lusson accepted the award in New York during the tenth annual Travel + Leisure Design Awards gala last night. 


A distinguished jury chose the best of the year based on the idea that “innovative design makes travel better.”  We couldn’t agree more. “It’s very exciting that Spectra™ 2.0 has received this award for best luggage design. We really wanted to design a case that is stylish and practical—something that makes travel and packing more convenient. This acknowledgement from Travel + Leisure confirms that we were able to achieve this,” said Senior Travel Gear Designer, Jacob Lusson.


The Spectra™ 2.0 Collection pushes hardside luggage design to new heights, offering travelers a convergence of style, protection and convenience. Specifically, the Spectra™ 2.0 Dual-Access Extra-Capacity Carry-On is equipped with an integrated front zippered quick-access door and organizational panel to give the traveler on-the-go accessibility to the things they need most while traveling like a laptop, tablet, tickets, passport and more. This dual-access construction also allows you to pack two ways – through the front quick-access door or through the main compartment opening.  Additionally, the entire collection, including this award-winning style, is designed to be ultra-light without sacrificing durability.  These 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate cases feature a stylish, scratch-resistant matte finish along with protective corner guards.  And to ensure a smooth, stable roll, eight wheels and a dual-trolley handle system round out Spectra™ 2.0 to deliver a performance-focused design at every turn.


To learn more about this collection and its innovative design, check out the exclusive interview with the collection’s designer and visit spectra.victorinox.com.

Victorinox and T+L Design Awards
Nancy Novogrod Senior Vice President/Editorial Director, American Express Publishing, Editor in Chief, Travel + Leisure presenting the award to Victorinox Travel Gear Senior Designer, Jacob Lusson. Photo: Diane Bondareff / Travel + Leisure.

IMG_3270     image004



The Swiss Way to Reach the Summit

Imagine yourself visiting the Swiss Alps and the clean, crisp, fresh air you would experience at the top of a mountain.  You can experience that feeling everyday with Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude.  Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude is a fresh, woody and very masculine scent.  It conveys the power of snow capped peaks where stress evaporates into this ait.  The black bottle has been inspired by the small oxygen tanks Swiss soldiers us in extreme high altitude conditions. 

The masculine cologne for men is one our most popular scents.  Men’s cologne has to smell manly but fresh at the same time.  Get that experience with Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude.  This woody aromatic cologne fragrance for men was launched in 2001 and quickly became one of our best selling men’s cologne.  Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude has some of the highest fragrance ratings online.  Swiss Army colognes for men capture the feeling of nature and adventure in every bottle.  Try it today, or experience our entire line of fragrances by clicking here.

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