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The History Behind the Victorinox and R.H Forschner Brands

R.H Forschner, Victorinox Chef's Knives

R.H Forschner, Victorinox Chef’s Knives Item #40520

You may have come to wonder why some of our cutlery items have the name R.H Forschner etched on them.   Here is a little history on how and why those products are labeled as such.

The name “Victorinox” had been a staple in the European commercial cutlery market for over 50 years when Victorinox was approached by a US company called, R.H. Forschner, based in NY.  R.H. Forschner was well known since 1855 as a builder of scales for butchers.  At that time, Victorinox became R.H Forschner’s sole cutlery provider.  Both Victorinox and R.H Forschner joined forces in 1937.

Since 1937 the Forschner Butcher Scale Company of New Britain, CT began importing Victorinox knives.  However, Americans were not introduced to Swiss Army Knives until they were sold at Army bases after World War II.

In 1972, Forschner became the exclusive Victorinox distributor for the United States and the company went public in 1981; one significant investor was Charles Elsener, Owner and CEO of Victorinox.

In 2011, Victorinox decided to match all the names, with the name that is on our factory doors, the name that we are marketed under: Victorinox Swiss Army.  The website has been clearly developed to answer the needs of the worldwide consumer.  Under, a new platform is launched with an international perspective.  However, in North America, the importance of the Swiss Army brand recognition is taken into consideration for the American consumer, so that it can be found more easily at

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