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Have you started thinking about your gift list for the holiday season? Will you be equipping your friends and family with Victorinox Travel Gear?  Our team in the office has compiled a list of the travel and everyday gifts they’re giving friends and family in 2012 to help you think of the best gift ideas for the traveler on your list!

Jacob – Product Designer
Cortina Leather Travel Organizer from Altius™ 3.0 Collection
For the upcoming holiday season, I will be purchasing a Cortina Leather Travel Organizer  for my girlfriend. On our last trip abroad, she mentioned that her wallet isn’t large enough to hold a boarding pass or foreign currency so she had to find separate pockets in her purse for all her travel necessities. I think she will appreciate having all of her stuff in one, easily accessible place.

Lili – Purchasing Agent
Executive 17 Briefcase from Werks Professional™ Collection
I’m planning on giving the Executive 17 briefcase to my husband this holiday season. His current briefcase is very worn down and I thought it was time for an upgrade. He liked his old briefcase a lot, but I know he’ll love this one (the Executive 17) because it can hold his 17” laptop and has a lot of pockets for him to put everything he needs for work.

Jason – International Business Development Manager
Assorted products from Altmont™ 2.0, CH-97™ 2.0 and Spectra™ Collections
I’m actually getting a lot of people on my list Victorinox products. My sister is getting an Altmont™ 2.0 Flapover Monosling because it really matches her style and will be great everyday bag. I have a few friends who are really into camping and hiking so I’m getting them a CH-97™ 2.0 Outrider Backpack  to take on their trips since it’s lightweight and has that “outdoorsy” look.  My big gift this year will be a Spectra™ Extra-Capacity Carry-On  for my family. We travel every once in a while and my wife and I could really use a sound piece of luggage to take on our trips for ourselves and the kids.

Virginia – Internet Marketing Coordinator
WT Convertible 2-in-1 Hybrid Duffel Garment Bag from Werks Traveler™ 4.0 Collection
My dad works out at the gym every morning before he goes to work. Right now he carries everything in a backpack and his shirts get a little wrinkled and sometimes dirty being next to his shoes. The WT Convertible 2-in-1 Hybrid Duffel Garment Bag would allow him to go to the gym wearing his gym clothes and carry his work clothes in a garment bag to keep everything wrinkle free and clean. There are even separate pockets for his dress shoes. Once he is done at the gym, he can convert the garment bag into a duffel to carry home his dirty gym clothes.  It’s a perfect bag for this exact use.

Kristie – Executive Assistant
Automatic Umbrella from Lifestyle Accessories Collection
This year I will be giving Victorinox Automatic Umbrellas  as my stocking stuffer gifts. I have a red umbrella and my husband has a black one and they are fabulous!  I love the fact that with a touch of a button my umbrella is up and ready to go! 

Kevin – Graphic Designer
Specialist Briefcase from Werks Professional™ Collection
An old friend of mine from college travels quite a bit for work and is always complaining that his business case is too bulky and doesn’t have a safe spot to store his iPad. So this holiday I’m going to surprise him with the Specialist briefcase  from the Werks Professional™ Collection. This way he can carry his iPad and laptop with all his other gear in one, slim-bodied bag while he’s traveling.

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