The Swiss Way to Reach the Summit

Imagine yourself visiting the Swiss Alps and the clean, crisp, fresh air you would experience at the top of a mountain.  You can experience that feeling everyday with Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude.  Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude is a fresh, woody and very masculine scent.  It conveys the power of snow capped peaks where stress evaporates into this ait.  The black bottle has been inspired by the small oxygen tanks Swiss soldiers us in extreme high altitude conditions. 

The masculine cologne for men is one our most popular scents.  Men’s cologne has to smell manly but fresh at the same time.  Get that experience with Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude.  This woody aromatic cologne fragrance for men was launched in 2001 and quickly became one of our best selling men’s cologne.  Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude has some of the highest fragrance ratings online.  Swiss Army colognes for men capture the feeling of nature and adventure in every bottle.  Try it today, or experience our entire line of fragrances by clicking here.

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