A NEW Icon Has Arrived at Victorinox Swiss Army

We welcome the newest edition to the Victorinox Swiss Army family of products:  Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Icon!  Classic Icon is an invigoratting new men’s cologne.  This fragrance is the perfect gift for a dad, brother, uncle, grandfather, etc.  The best and perfect gift for Fathers Day or Graduation!   Classic Icon is our Victorinox Swiss Army Classic fragrance within an iconic bottle….a bottle shaped like our legendary Swiss Army Knife.

A Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Icon man is independent, masculine and always on top of his game.  Classic Icon is a timelessly fragrance that has all the attributes of a classic men’s cologne.  It’s unmistakably fresh, aromatic, and elegant composition appeals to most men and women.  Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Icon is a citrus, spicy fragrance sure to appeal to all senses!

The iconic bottle design reflects our legendary Swiss Army Knife.  It’s design incorporates the Swiss Army Knife’s opening and closing mechanism as well as a practical ring to hang the bottle.  Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Icon is one of the best new cologne for men on the market today!

The Swiss Way to Reach the Summit

Imagine yourself visiting the Swiss Alps and the clean, crisp, fresh air you would experience at the top of a mountain.  You can experience that feeling everyday with Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude.  Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude is a fresh, woody and very masculine scent.  It conveys the power of snow capped peaks where stress evaporates into this ait.  The black bottle has been inspired by the small oxygen tanks Swiss soldiers us in extreme high altitude conditions. 

The masculine cologne for men is one our most popular scents.  Men’s cologne has to smell manly but fresh at the same time.  Get that experience with Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude.  This woody aromatic cologne fragrance for men was launched in 2001 and quickly became one of our best selling men’s cologne.  Victorinox Swiss Army Altitude has some of the highest fragrance ratings online.  Swiss Army colognes for men capture the feeling of nature and adventure in every bottle.  Try it today, or experience our entire line of fragrances by clicking here.

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Check Out Our Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas

   The best Valentines Day Gifts and ideas can be found right here at swissarmy.com.    We have the best selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for men and women.  Order your sweetheart something special and show him or her that you care.  We have our famous Swiss Army Knives available in every color.  We also have fragrances; men’s cologne and women’s perfume sold as individual bottles or in a gift set.  Order yours today to get in time for Valentine’s Day!  The most popular gifts and great Valentine’s Day ideas are available in our special “Valentine’s Day Favorites” category at Victorinox Swiss Army.

Icy Freshness of Mountain Air for Men, In a Bottle!

Glacier, Mountain Water
Fresh, cool scent of Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men

Swiss Army’s Most Popular Fragrances

One of Swiss Army’s most popular fragrances on the market is the Mountain Water for men collection.

Swiss Army’s perfume, Mountain Water, is a masterwork of the modern perfumer’s art.  To lend this cologne its novel icy freshness, the crystal clean air of a Swiss glacier was captures, analyzed in the laboratory and the converted into a perfume.

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men reinforces the icy freshness of mountain air.  The distinctive freshness, like a breath of pure air comes from the mountain rock lichen, a unique ingredient originated in the Swiss mountains selected exclusively for Victorinox.  Alpine Rock Lichens (a hardy mountain plant that can withstand extreme cold and dryness) introduce depth to the fresh scent, while its herbal ingredients emphasize distinctive masculinity.  The Alpine Rock Lichens exudes a wonderfully fresh, mineral and lightly salty scent.  In addition, Swiss Army Mountain Water also contains essences of black pepper, cool mint, plus a woody-spicy combination of sage, rosemary, moss and patchouli which further underscores the scent’s masculinity.

Mountain Water for Men is fresh cologne that will leave you smelling fresh and clean.  Mountain Water has been reviewed as one of the best cologne’s!

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men cologne is the perfect recommendation for the sporty, outdoorsy man.   It translates crisp freshness and unfolds its full dynamic force in the first few seconds.

This Swiss Army cologne comes packaged in a beautiful glacial blue bottle which translates the crisp freshness and its energizing, cool notes.

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The Scent of a Beautiful Swiss Spring Meadow and Waterfall…FRESH!!

Mountain Water Perfume for her
Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her is one of the top women’s perfumes.  It has become one of the most popular perfumes by Swiss Army.

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her takes on the sporty freshness and clarity of its male counterpart (Swiss Army Mountain Water for Him).  This Swiss Army perfume animates the body.  Imagine the spray of a waterfall, entrancing the spirit with the beautiful scent of a spring meadow.  Meanwhile soft feminine meadow of harmony unfolds, exuding an equilibrium and strength which can only exist in the quietude of nature.

The Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her perfume is geared toward a woman that is feminine, sporty and outdoor oriented, modern, dynamic, challenging, and casual.  This most popular women’s perfume reflects the feminine harmony and romance of the mountains.  This fresh, clear fragrance will transport your senses up to the peaks of the Swiss mountains, reviving your body like the spray of an icy waterfall and captivating your spirit with the scent of colorful alpine blossom.

Take a look at all of our Swiss Army perfumes and colognes, there is sure to be one that you or your loved one will fall in love with!

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