Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. fera partie des marques suisses de premier plan présente dans la Maison de la Suisse à l’occasion de Montréal en Lumière 2015, festival annuel ayant lieu en hiver sur deux semaines et invitant à une découverte des sons, des saveurs et des vues du pays à l’honneur, différent chaque année. Pour cette édition 2015 du Montréal en Lumière, la Suisse sera le pays à l’honneur.

Le dôme hébergeant la Maison de la Suisse propose des animations attractives et des produits gastronomiques pour vivre une véritable expérience suisse, offerts par des marques suisses renommées telles que Victorinox Swiss Army, SWISS International Airlines et Lindt, pour ne citer que celles-ci, et vous accueillera dans une atmosphère moderne et chaleureuse dès le 19 février 2015.

Come visit the Victorinox Swiss Army Exhibit at the MOntreal en Lumiere Festival's House of Switzerland

Les visiteurs de l’exposition Victorinox Swiss Army auront l’opportunité unique de réaliser leur propre couteau Swiss Army en bois et d’admirer la collection de couteaux traditionnels de la société comprenant l’évolution innovante de la conception Du couteau Swiss Army du début des années 1900 jusqu’à nos jours. Une occasion rare de voir le tout premier couteau Swiss Army de l’histoire !

Pour en savoir plus sur la Maison de la Suisse au festival Montréal en Lumière et pour connaître les horaires des expositions et des activités, rendez-vous sur

Swiss Army Marvel: Bridle Path Walking Sticks by Tyler Leonard


No two days at the Swiss Army offices are ever the same. One day we’re chatting six blade hunting knives with a seasoned hunter at the SHOT show and the next we’re discussing the fine points of tailoring with fashion editors for the next season’s collection launch. We love meeting and hearing Swiss Army Knife stories from so many interesting people all around the globe.

One recent story we wanted share came through just last week. We were so excited to learn about Tyler Leonard, an 11 year-old boy from Connecticut who has started a business making walking sticks – and is doing it all with his Victorinox Swiss Army Knife!

We were so impressed with this enterprising 11 year-old we couldn’t help but pick his brain and get all the details behind this wunderkind’s business venture.

Read on for a Q&A with Tyler and one of the best ‘how it’s made’ videos we’ve ever seen!

1. What made you want to start making walking sticks?

I was outside one day bored. I wanted to use the tools on my new Swiss Army Knife, so I took the saw and cut a branch to size. Then flipped out the knife and shaved it.

2. How do you make your Bridle Path Walking Sticks?

First, I find a suitable sapling or tree branch. Next, I cut it to size with my saw. Later, I
shave the bark off with the long blade on my Swiss Army Knife.
After that, I let it dry out a little bit, over the course of about 24 hours.
Then, I wood-burn the purchaser’s name into the wood, if they want it.
Soon after, I put a clear coat of varnish on the stick.Lastly, I drill a hole, with the help of my dad, and put a leather strap in it along with my tag.

3. Do you sell them? If so, where can we get one?

Yes, I sell them. Usually the purchaser calls me or Facebooks my Mom and orders one. I don’t have a fixed location.

                                 Tyler L 1       Tyler L 2

4. What is your most favorite walking stick you’ve made so far?

Probably my white oak one, it is very sturdy and light colored. I think the pattern in the grain is very cool.

Tyler L 4

5. What is your favorite Swiss Army Knife tool?

The long blade part. It shaves very efficiently and is very easily controlled. For the people who are just trying this now, a Swiss Army Knife is recommended.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up, I would like to be a programmer for video games and computers.

Watch the video below to see Tyler in action!

Impressive, right? Head over to the Bridle Path Walking Sticks Facebook page to support Tyler.

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