Designer’s Corner: Inside the Hybri-Lite™ Collection


Victorinox is excited to introduce the new Hybri-Lite Collection to travelers in the U.S. The collection was first introduced internationally due to the overwhelming need for ultra-lightweight luggage in these markets. But you know Victorinox. We are never willing to sacrifice quality or durability so the result – an innovative new take on lightweight luggage. Hybri-Lite has become a staple for today’s global traveler. To give you an inside look, we sat down with the designer to learn more about this unique, one-of-the-kind Hybri-Lite collection.

What was the inspiration behind the Hybri-Lite Collection?   

We were inspired by the trends in the automotive industry. In the past, vehicles were very neatly separated into groups: cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, etc. Today many models are more difficult to classify. There are “hybrids”, and I don’t mean that in terms of the engine. This made us think about what hybrid luggage would entail – luggage that could also meet multiple needs and preferences.

So what is hybrid luggage?

We focused on combining the strongest aspects from hardside and softside luggage into one case. We used a polycarbonate chassis covered in durable nylon fabric. This unique construction allows you to enjoy the best of both. With Hybri-Lite™, your items are protected with polycarbonate just like in a hardside case, but you can enjoy packing flexibility like in a softside case. No one else in the market has anything like Hybri-Lite™.

The Hybri-Lite Global Carry-On weighs only 5.45 lbs. It is the lightest Victorinox bag yet. How were you able to achieve this?

We focused on making every aspect of the case as light as possible while still maintaining our standards of durability. By combining a flexible nylon exterior with a highly resilient 100% polycarbonate frame, we were able to reduce the weight of the bag without sacrificing its durability. The polycarbonate plays a large role in this. It offers a high level of protection and ruggedness while being very lightweight.

There are many lightweight bags on the market, what makes Hybri-Lite so special?  

Most lightweight bags on the market do not have framing, the structure that protects your packed items. Hybri-Lite includes a polycarbonate frame made of the same material used to construct some of the best hardside luggage cases on the market. We also kept all of the amenities like pockets and expansion. Hybri-Lite has all the features travelers expect in a fully framed bag. Additionally, Hybri-Lite was held to the same rigorous testing standards as the rest of our Victorinox luggage. There really were no compromises with this collection.

What are other features make this collection stand out from other luggage in its class?

With Hybri-Lite, you can truly expect more from your lightweight bag. The collection features premium Hinomoto wheels. The Hinomoto brand is known for high quality casters that minimize resistance for smooth roll. In addition, Hybri-Lite features an air-craft grade aluminum dual-trolley handle system that locks into three different positions so you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you. And did I mention that this bag has more packing capacity than any bag in its class?

What type of traveler will appreciate this collection the most?

This is a great option for the global traveler whose biggest concern is weight. International airline carry-on regulations are stricter than those in the U.S. putting more pressure on people to travel light. The Hybri-Lite Global Carry-On was developed to meet this need and make traveling abroad a little easier.

Have you traveled with this bag and where did you take it?

Recently I took the Hybri-Lite 20 Global Carry-On to New York for a three-day trip. We stayed in the Meatpacking District where we did quite a bit of walking. We visited the High Line as well as local galleries and restaurants. The bag coped with the cobblestones very well. I was able to pack everything I needed for the trip in just one carry-on and still had room for the clothes I purchased there.

From your personal experience, what is your best advice when choosing luggage?

Because you asked for my personal opinion, first, choose Victorinox luggage because it is going to outlast the competition. There is a reason why the Victorinox brand has built a reputation for unsurpassed quality and reliability. Second, if you are looking for ultra-light luggage, choose Hybri-Lite. It looks good and you will not have to worry when you throw it on the scale at the airport. Depending on how you pack, of course. I can’t help you if you insist on bring six pairs of boots on a five-day trip.