Glacier, Mountain Water

Icy Freshness of Mountain Air for Men, In a Bottle!

Glacier, Mountain Water
Fresh, cool scent of Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men

Swiss Army’s Most Popular Fragrances

One of Swiss Army’s most popular fragrances on the market is the Mountain Water for men collection.

Swiss Army’s perfume, Mountain Water, is a masterwork of the modern perfumer’s art.  To lend this cologne its novel icy freshness, the crystal clean air of a Swiss glacier was captures, analyzed in the laboratory and the converted into a perfume.

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men reinforces the icy freshness of mountain air.  The distinctive freshness, like a breath of pure air comes from the mountain rock lichen, a unique ingredient originated in the Swiss mountains selected exclusively for Victorinox.  Alpine Rock Lichens (a hardy mountain plant that can withstand extreme cold and dryness) introduce depth to the fresh scent, while its herbal ingredients emphasize distinctive masculinity.  The Alpine Rock Lichens exudes a wonderfully fresh, mineral and lightly salty scent.  In addition, Swiss Army Mountain Water also contains essences of black pepper, cool mint, plus a woody-spicy combination of sage, rosemary, moss and patchouli which further underscores the scent’s masculinity.

Mountain Water for Men is fresh cologne that will leave you smelling fresh and clean.  Mountain Water has been reviewed as one of the best cologne’s!

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Men cologne is the perfect recommendation for the sporty, outdoorsy man.   It translates crisp freshness and unfolds its full dynamic force in the first few seconds.

This Swiss Army cologne comes packaged in a beautiful glacial blue bottle which translates the crisp freshness and its energizing, cool notes.

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