Personnel Insights: Fall Travel Destinations

Fall is a wonderful time of year to travel. The changing colors, cooler weather and a variety of outdoor events make this the perfect season for a family getaway or just a short weekend trip. Below are some of our employees’ favorite fall travel destinations.

Lacey Moore
Senior Product Developer, Travel Gear

My favorite destination for fall travel is Savannah, GA.  I love going there for two reasons; my only sister lives in Savannah with my new niece, and it is one of the most historic and beautiful cities in America.  While I’m there, I make sure to do some sightseeing in the historic district as well as go shopping with my sister and mom.  Savannah is famous for its history, beauty and best of all, delicious food.  My favorite restaurant is The Lady & Sons.  It is owned by Paula Deen, so the specialty is anything cooked in butter.  You have to wait in line for hours, but it is more than worth it.  Just know you may need a nap shortly after your meal!

Another fun Savannah activity is taking a Haunted Tour of the city.  The tour takes place at night and you ride in an old hearse that has been turned into a convertible with seats.  The car drives you to the haunted places in the city and you get to hear the stories of what happened in each particular location.

Karren Gerhardt
Customer Service Supervisor, Travel Gear

For me, nothing beats the Smokey Mountains in autumn. The outdoors just feel so fresh and clean. The trees are beautiful all year, but especially in the fall when they are changing colors. We stay in a cabin back in the woods and love to hike through the mountains and see all the waterfalls and wildlife.  I’m really hoping to see a bear in the wild (at a distance of course) but have not done so yet.  Along the way I love to try out the little hometown restaurants and stop at all the little shops in the tourist towns.

Rodney Tomlin
National Accounts Manager, Southeast Territory, Travel Gear

I love visiting Miami and Miami Beach, Florida and always try to take a trip there each fall.  It’s nice to be among the palm trees and feel the warm breeze in October. Whenever I’m there, I’m sure to visit Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. Great atmosphere, great bar; essentially everything you want in a restaurant.  Oh, and the stone crab claws are pretty good as well.  I always enjoy people watching when I’m down in Miami.  Miami Beach is a hot spot – great for people watching and you might even run into a celebrity or two.

Kimberley Vuitel
Director of International Sales, Travel Gear

In the fall I love traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyoming just as the cool weather arrives and it begins to snow in the mountains.  Cooler temperatures encourage wildlife to come into the valley where we’re able to see them.  The mountains in Jackson are spectacular, the leaves changing color are not to be missed, but it’s the wildlife that makes it my favorite fall destination. The hiking trails are particularly amazing this time of year.  We’re not too adventurous, but the best way to enjoy Jackson isn’t from inside your car – it’s immersing yourself by walking or hiking. After a day of enjoying the outdoors, we open a bottle of wine, cook one of our favorite meals such as fondue or lamb chops and just enjoy being together.

Lisa Baltz
Senior Director of Customer Service and Compliance, Travel Gear

While most people think of a fall vacation as going somewhere to see the beautiful fall colors or to hike outdoors, my family loves to go to the beach that time of year.  The weather is wonderful and the resorts are typically much less crowded than in the summer.  One of my most memorable trips was to St. Martin the year my favorite baseball team won the World Series.  We typically spent the days exploring the beautiful beaches, or my husband would go snorkeling while I happily read a book in my lounge chair.  In the evening, we would go to a local restaurant, enjoy the delicious French onion soup and watch the games on the big-screen TV.  American baseball was far from a popular sport there, but the staff at the restaurant quickly became fans and helped us cheer our team all the way to a World Series victory

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