Spotlight On: Victorinox Adventurers – Cory and Bethany

Want to know more about the two explorers tapped by WIRED Insider and Victorinox Swiss Army for this year’s Victorinox Adventures spanning from the Pacific Northwest all the way to Switzerland? Read on for a Q&A with Cory Staudacher and Bethany Olson and a behind-the-scenes look at their Victorinox Adventures!


What did you say to each other when you found out you were selected to participate in this special project with Victorinox and WIRED?

We were beyond thrilled to be working with such wonderful companies, and were excited to capture Switzerland’s beautiful landscapes.


There were were two legs to the Victorinox Adventures journey – Seattle, Washington and Ibach, Switzerland. How did you plan out your adventures for these two destinations?

For the US trip, we wanted to showcase the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We went to Lake Cushman on the Olympic Peninsula, and documented our weekend adventure. For Switzerland, we were excited to photograph the beautiful landscapes and wanted to go to some of our favorite landmarks.


Cory and Bethany

The photos you both take are stunning and you both have mass Instagram followers always eager for more (including us!) to prove it. What’s the thought process you each go through for every photograph you take? 

We like to plan the locations and concepts, but let the moments organically come.


And how many are impromptu shots versus planned?

We like to set up the concept to match the location, but let the photos speak for themselves.


Was this the first trip to Switzerland for you both? 

Yes! And it was incredible.


What was the most unexpected surprise from this leg of your journey?

We were happy to discover that everyone in Switzerland was extremely nice and friendly. We got to travel the countryside, and loved seeing the different landscapes we encountered.

Victorinox Adventures - Cory in Switzerland

You took a tour of the Victorinox factory in Ibach where the iconic Swiss Army Knife is made – and met with CEO Carl Elsener. Did either of you learn any fun facts about the Swiss Army Knife that surprised you?

We didn’t realize how much work was produced at the factory. They assemble, stamp, and package the knives, along with making each part in house. We had so much fun using a machine and assembling our own pocket knives!


Congratulations on your engagement! We were so excited to hear about that. What’s up next for the two of you?

Lots of traveling and shooting photo jobs for Tinker Street*. Along with planning our wedding set for September 2015! 🙂

Bethany Travels Switzerland in Style

To see more photos from Cory and Bethany’s Victorinox Adventures be sure to follow @VictorinoxSwissArmy on Instagram!

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