Mountain Water Perfume for her

The Scent of a Beautiful Swiss Spring Meadow and Waterfall…FRESH!!

Mountain Water Perfume for her
Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her is one of the top women’s perfumes.  It has become one of the most popular perfumes by Swiss Army.

Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her takes on the sporty freshness and clarity of its male counterpart (Swiss Army Mountain Water for Him).  This Swiss Army perfume animates the body.  Imagine the spray of a waterfall, entrancing the spirit with the beautiful scent of a spring meadow.  Meanwhile soft feminine meadow of harmony unfolds, exuding an equilibrium and strength which can only exist in the quietude of nature.

The Swiss Army Mountain Water for Her perfume is geared toward a woman that is feminine, sporty and outdoor oriented, modern, dynamic, challenging, and casual.  This most popular women’s perfume reflects the feminine harmony and romance of the mountains.  This fresh, clear fragrance will transport your senses up to the peaks of the Swiss mountains, reviving your body like the spray of an icy waterfall and captivating your spirit with the scent of colorful alpine blossom.

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