The Best of Both Worlds, Swiss Army Knife, and USB Flash Drive in One!

Did you know that our famous Swiss Army Knife has a USB Flash drive included as one of its implements?  Our VictorinoxSwiss Army Flash drive is one of the best and most ingenious flash drives on the market.   Our flash drive is reviewed to be one of the most popular.

A USB flash drive can store music, data, documents, photos, movies and pretty much anything that can be saved on your personal or work computer.   The Victorinox  Swiss Army flash drive has speed, performance, and quality like no other.

The Victorinox Flash comes in 3 different size capacities; 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.  Since there is so much selection with memory capacity there is a size that is perfect for you!   The Victorinox Flash comes in a beautiful ruby red color.  We also have an Alox version that is available in a many different memory size.  The Alox style has a sleeker, sophisticated look.

Victorinox Swiss Army has two USB flash drive versions available.  One has a removable USB flashdrive with a LED mini white light and retractable ball point pen.  It also has all of the features that our famous Classic Swiss Army knife has (Scissors, Blade, nail file with screwdriver, and key ring).  We also have a flight friendly flash drive which looks like a Swiss Army Knife but just has the USB drive, retractable ball point pen, LED mini white light and key ring.  This USB Flash drive is also a flight safe Swiss Army Knife.  Removing the blade, scissors, and screwdriver make this flash drive safe to bring on a plane.   Since both model types have a removable and portable USB flash drive, we make it more convenient to take your work where you need to be.

The Victorinox Swiss Army USB flash drive will certainly be a great gift for yourself, or anyone you know, that is looking for the trendiest, tech savvy items on the market.  Our USB Flash drive will be the talk amongst all of your friends!  The Victorinox USB flash drive (Victorinox Flash) is the best in class.

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