Inside the Werks Professional™ Business Case Collection

Victorinox is excited to introduce the new Werks Professional Collection™, which includes briefcases, backpacks and laptop bags with compartments for laptops, iPads, tablets and eReaders. The designer, Jacob Lusson, created this collection for carrying on a daily basis by combining a lightweight and durable construction with a respectable appearance. Here’s an inside look into his thinking and inspiration when creating Werks Professional™

What inspired you to create the Werks Professional™ Collection?
There was gap in our products between casual, lifestyle-oriented bags and formal, business-oriented gear. We didn’t have anything for the person who works in a professional environment, but wants something less formal than a traditional briefcase. This collection would also be perfect for the person who freelances from a coffee house or commutes to a downtown design studio.

What sets Werks Professional™ apart from the other business cases in the market?
Organization. Most bags on the market have slots for your pens, slots for your business cards, a pocket for your phone, dividers for your documents, a sleeve for your computer, and not much else. And if the items that you carry don’t fit into one of those prescribed pockets, you are welcome to toss them to the bottom of the bag and let them rattle around. With Werks Professional™, we made sure there are many padded pockets for whatever items you carry. They are non-specific and plentiful.

What was the creative inspiration behind the design of Werks Professional™?
Modern devices dictated a lot of the physical shape of the bags. They are slimmer than some past collections because an iPad is slimmer than a three-ring binder. Computers have gotten thinner. Lighter. So we made the pieces thinner, lighter, and more modern looking. To emphasize this, we put a tablet sleeve in every piece.

What is your favorite feature of this collection?
The molded haul handles. Every time I pick one of the bags up, I’m surprised by how good they feel.

How would you describe your personal business style?
Full throttle.

What is your favorite piece in this collection?
The Associate.  That’s the larger backpack. It has a very well organized interior. I use a backpack when I travel, but I’m always misplacing things inside the pack. To prevent that, there are pockets everywhere on this pack. There’s even a hidden one on the back panel. It’s a completely full-featured backpack that doesn’t look big and bulky.

-Jacob Lusson, Product Designer for Victorinox Travel Gear

Studied industrial design at the University of Wisconsin Stout and worked at Blu Dot in Minneapolis and Kohler Company in Kohler, Wisconsin before designing Victorinox Travel Gear.


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